Guard Rails

Bhagat Meal Pvt. Ltd is the Nepal’s first manufacturer of metal road crash barrier.. Crash barrier is nowadyas used in medians on the motorways. Metal crash barrier / guard rails are basically road safety system which prevents vehicles from colliding with obstacles such as walls, buildings, and also prevents vehicles entering into large storm draine, steep slopes or deep water.

Bhagat Metal Pvt. Ltd. Is the first company to introduce the metal crash barrier concept in Nepal and we have been supplying to all leading infrastructure companies all over Nepal. Metal crash barrier is probably something most of the people don’t think about i.e. still it saves their lives. Its a proven road safety system and is brought to you by Bhagat metal Pvt. Ltd. Which undertakes design, manufacturing and installation ODF wide range of Guard Rails under string out quality control. Our metal crash barriers conforming to all major specifications like :

  1. American (AASTHOM 180)
  2. Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways India(MORTH)

Features :

  1. Our tested and proven barrier ensures minimum damage to the vehicles and its occupants.
  2. During collision the W beam always maximum energy by flattering out and laterally restrains the vehicles from rooling over.

Prevents the vehicles from skidding back onto the carriageway by controlled exit angles by gradual decleration and effective redirection of the vehicle back onto the road.

  1. Provides a good visual guide to the drivers especially in the night
  2. All components are hot dip galvanized for longer life.

Applications :

  1. As restraining barrier on embankments of expresssway and highways.
  2. As containment barriers on medions and grade seperators of four/ six lane roads.
  3. As racecar crash guards on car racing tracks.
  4. for interior traffic safety at airports, plants handling hazardous chemicals, mines, collieries etc.
  5. As fencing barrier for country border line, expanse lands etc.

Components of Metal Crash Barrier

    A. W Beam

  1. Cold roll form
  2. 3.43 – 3.51 mm thickness – overall length 4318 mm, effective length – 4000 mm
  3. Raw material conforming to ST42/ IS 5986 grade – Fe 410
  4. Hot dip galvanized to 550 gms/sq m GSM

    B. Post and Spacer

  1. Post 1800 mm long and Spacer 330 mm long
  2. Cold Roll Formed
  3. 5 mm in the thickness
  4. Raw material conforming to ST42/ IS 5986 grade – Fe 410 grade steel
  5. Hot dip galvanized to 550 gms/sq m GSM

Fastness :

  1. M & O and M16 fastness as per IS 1367 Grade 4.6/8.8
  2. Hot dip galvanized 550 GSM
  3. End special fish tail.
  4. 3.5 mm thick press formed and terminals (fishtail)